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Last updated: Saturday 1 January, 2011

Broken promises of the Conservative - led coalition government

Here is the list of Tory and Lib Dem broken promises featured on the Labour Party '2010 Coalition Christmas' advent calendar.

1.    No frontline cuts

2.    Protecting the NHS budget

3.    3,000 more police officers

4.    Keeping VAT at 17.5%

5.    Keeping the Future Jobs Fund

6.    Keeping Education Maintenance Allowances

7.    Preserving tax credits for middle earners

8.    Removing the “couple penalty”

9.   Scrapping tuition fees

10.   No bonuses for bank directors

11.   3,000 more midwives

12.   Three more army battalions

13.   Pupil Premium additional to the schools budget

14.   Keeping Child Benefit universal

15.   Stopping A&E and maternity closures

16.   A Post Office Bank

17.   No new nuclear power stations

18.   Removing high marginal tax rates

19.   No cuts to the Royal Navy

20.   Automatic prison sentence for carrying a knife

21.  Cutting rail fares each year

22.  Keeping the Child Trust Fund for the poorest families

23.  No more top down NHS reorganisations

24.  No cuts to public spending this year

Hard proof that the Government is breaking its promise on NHS funding - John Healey

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley faces calls to come clean on the Government’s funding for the health service, as Labour challenged him with hard proof of a real terms decrease in NHS spending during the course of the Parliament.

John Healey MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary said:

“Updated inflation forecasts in last week’s Office of Budget Responsibility report show that for the next four years, the inflation increase will be bigger than the cash increase for the NHS. This is hard proof that the Government is breaking its promise to protect NHS funding.

“Andrew Lansley needs to come clean and explain to the public why the government has broken the promises it made on the NHS - promises that were at the heart of the Tory election, central to the Coalition Agreement and repeated at the Spending Review.”

Nick Clegg appeals to Lib Dems over tuition fees - Telegraph

Nick Clegg has written to Lib Dem MPs in an attempt to suppress a revolt over tuition fees. Photo: PA The Lib Dem leader wrote to MPs urging them to consider tearing up a pre-election pledge to oppose fee increases.

In a letter to the Parliamentary party, he said he was “painfully aware” of the promise made by all sitting MPs but insisted reforms to higher education would be fair to students and promote social mobility.

His intervention came as the party’s former leader became the latest Lib Dem to attack an increase in university fees.

Sir Menzies Campbell said he would vote against plans to raise the fees cap amid fears it would harm access to degree courses.

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How ConDem government has changed its tune on child benefit - Daily Mirror

In opposition and during the election campaign, Conservative and Lib Dem politicians repeatedly pledged to keep universal child benefit.

David Cameron specifically ruled out any changes. As did George Osborne, Nick Clegg and other Tory and Lib Dem frontbenchers. This is what they said... "We will preserve child benefit, winter fuel payments and free TV licences. They are valued by millions." - George Osborne, Conservative Party Conference, October 2009.

"There are some things we have specifically ruled out. Take the issue of child benefit. Of course any party would have to look at it but my judgment is that it is a good benefit, it goes straight to the mother, it is very simple." - David Cameron, Sky News, May 3, 2010.

"There are some benefits and I think child benefit is one of them, where actually I think it's quite important that everybody, rich or poor, wherever they live, feels they have got a stake in it." - Nick Clegg, The Politics Show, March 7 2010.

"We are not cutting child benefit. (There is) absolutely no threat to child benefit." - George Osborne, Radio 5 Live, March 11, 2010.

And what George Osborne said yesterday: "A system that taxes working people at high rates only to give it back in child benefit is very difficult to justify at a time like this."

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Pie chart below also from the Daily Mirror showing benefits spending for 2010-11
The Daily Mirror Illustrator may have got his millions and billions confused (UK benefits exceeded £150 billion for 2009), but the chart is still useful for understanding how the money is spent.

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