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Laneshawbridge New School Survey - Spring 2010
  Yes No
1. Do you support the building of a new school on Emmott Lane? 11% 89%
2. In your opinion, will the impact of increased traffic on Emmott Lane as a result of the expanded school be bad? 89% 9%
3. Do you feel that your views have been sought and listened to by the school and Lancashire County Council? 8% 91%
4. The existing school site will be cleared to form access to the new school and, potentially, a community car park. Do you think this is a good idea? 23% 75%
5. There are plenty of spare pupil places at other primary schools in the area. Do you think it would be better to spend the money on improving all the existing primary schools in the area? 91% 8%
6. If we are to start rebuilding all the old primary schools in the area, do you think we should start with ones that more clearly need help? 88% 6%

Serving the community
Should Pendle Borough Councillors live in, or close to, the ward they represent?

Yes 471 (51%) No 450 (48%) Total votes: 92
Post Office closures
Do you think that Post Office Ltd's "mileage" yardstick is the right one to use when deciding how to reorganise the post office network? Yes

1,339 (51%) No 1,278 (48%) Total votes: 261
Christmas Decorations in Nelson
Are you happy with the Council's Christmas decorations in the town centre of Nelson?

Yes 261 (47%) No 284 (52%) Total votes: 545

Should Pendle's Mayor stay above politics?
The Mayor of Pendle should keep his office above politics and not allow photographs of himself wearing his civic robes and/or chain of office to be used in party political leaflets.

Agree 54 (55%) Disagree 44 (44%) Total votes: 98

Should political parties use the police in campaign photographs?
Political parties should not use named members of the police force in their election leaflets. The police have a duty to remain neutral. Agree

Agree 352 (50%) Disagree 347 (49%) Total votes: 699
Leadership Ballot
Final result of ballot for Labour's Deputy Leadership. Pendle folk got it right - Harriet Harman by a tiny majority!
Hilary Benn 42 16%
Hazel Blears 42 16%
Jon Cruddas 39 15%
Peter Hain 41 16%
Harriet Harman 44 17%
Alan Johnson 41 16%
Total votes: 249

Music Events in Pendle Parks
Should all Pendle Parks be allowed to hold live music events?

Yes 118 (31%) No 104 (27%) Don't care 164 (42%) Total votes: 386
Burnley / Pendle merger
Final result of "Should Pendle merge with Burnley into a new local authority?"

Yes 28% No 32% Don't Know 39%

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